Sisters of Saint Anne

St. Marie Province

Office of Social Concerns

The threads of social justice and nonviolence are woven throughout our ministries.  In addition the Office of Social Concerns provides on-going education and advocacy opportunities for key Social Justice issues.

We are committed to ending the death penalty as well as human trafficking.  We work for immigration reform. We strive for equal housing and clean water for all.  We invite you to learn more about these and other important issues and to join us in taking action.   

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SSA Corporate Stance on

 –  Human Trafficking

Challenged to be prophetic witnesses tot he Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed to the vision of our Congregation which call us to strive to transform”…all that threatens life in order to create a more just and caring world,” we, Sisters of St. Anne, St. Marie  Province, United States, Canada and Chile, denounce the trafficking of human persons and stand with all those who oppose human trafficking.  (February 2008)

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– Death Penalty

Compe;;ed by the Gospel message and challenged by our foundress Marie Esther Blondin, whose vision mandates us to bring all to the fullness of life, we, the Sisters of Saint Anne of the United States oppose the death penalty.

On March 12, 1989, we assembled as a community to finalize a corporate stance on this issue in the context of prayer and dialogue, it became evident to us that the death penalty violates the teaching and spirit of Jesus Christ.

We recognize capital punishment as inhumane, irreversible, and inequitable.  It is a violent and superficial solution to complex social problems.  In its place we affirm restitution, reconciliation, nonviolence, aid to victims’ families and improvement of social conditions.

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