Sisters of Saint Anne

St. Marie Province


The Sisters of St. Anne continue the mission of education Mother Marie Anne entrusted to them by helping others to grow in truth, liberty and life.  Our sisters serve in a variety of roles and places:

  •  Anna Maria College (Paxton, MA):  Originally founded by the Sisters of St. Anne, we continue to provide moral sponsorship, presence on the board of trustees, and service in the position of the Director of Mission Effectiveness and Integration.
  • Marie Anne Center (Worcester, MA): Marie Anne Center, located in the lower level of St. Bernard Church on Lincoln Street in Worcester, was
    established in April, 2001, to address educational and
    spiritual needs of families, especially of women and
    children. The goal of the Center is to provide basic
    education and living skills for people who would
    otherwise not have access to them.  Our objective is well determined and has been carried out since 2001. The needs in our neighborhood are great and we are one of the few resources available to
    our low-income families. We are attracting the
    neighborhood people, especially the children, as well
    as the new immigrants who come to our ESL classes.
    • Our regular programming includes:
      *After-School Sessions including homework help, tutoring
      and use of our Computer Lab
      *Summer recreation program which includes opportunity
      for youth employment
      *ESL (English as a Second Language)
      *Prayer Group which meets twice/month
      *Advent and Lenten Prayer Programs
      *Police/Clergy Mentoring Program
      *Spiritual Direction

      Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have remained closed
      since midMarch, 2020. Our hope is to reopen as soon as possible
      during the coming academic year.