Sisters of Saint Anne

St. Marie Province


Rooted in the gospel, building a more just and caring world.

Response the Police action against George Floyd and Racism in the United States –

Sisters of Saint Anne seek to be:

Women who allow God to be seen in the world through their presence and actions…

Women who are dedicated to solidarity with others in order to create a more just and caring world …

Women of discernment, who hear the voice of God in moments of prayer and in the people they encounter…

Women who are contemplative in both prayer and action.

As Gospel women, we walk together as we follow Jesus Christ in our world, shaped by the above stated spirituality.  From this stand we add our voice to the many others in our nation crying out change in our policies, ideologies and actions that can allow for the continued environment of racism.  Our hearts are hurting as we mourn with the family and friends of George Floyd, the latest victim of the evil of racism.  We are a community that hopes and prays for the power of transformation, of our ability as a people, society and nation to move forward from our sins of injustice and human degradation to a people, society and nation that not only speaks the most profound truth that all of us are created in God’s image and entitled to dignity and respect but lives and acts from this truth.

Systemic racism feeds the injustices of poverty, poor education, sub-standard housing, inequitable employment and healthcare, police brutality, and unsafe streets.  We pray for all those who have lost a loved one to law enforcement violence, who live in fear, and whose dignity is threatened.  This suffering must be transformed now by ‘we the people,’ through our daily interactions of respect, education to break down the walls of fear and immediate changes to policies and law.  Real peace is never founded through militant means but through walking arm in arm in respect for each other to the table of honest dialogue.

We, as women of faith, stand in solidarity with those dedicated to justice, peace and right relationships in condemning violence and discrimination. We echo the confession of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) in the United States and acknowledge our own complicity in systemic racism. We stand with LCWR in asking forgiveness of our sisters and brothers of color.