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A Note Regarding Covid-19

Dear Volunteer,
The Covid-19 virus has brought a momentary halt to Vacations That Give service trips.  We will resume as soon as it is safe.  There will be much work to accomplish when we begin again.  While our lives have been “on hold” during this pandemic, the families we work with were already waiting for help for many month before the “stay at home” orders. Many living in small trailers or homes in some form of structural disrepair.  In addition, natural disasters such as storms, fires, and tornadoes have continued to happen displacing many more people.  
We are praying for all those in need and for our volunteers during this time.  We know when we begin again and put out a call for help you will be ready and willing to respond.  Keep an eye on this webpage or follow us on
Yours in Service,
The VTG Team

Vacations_That_Give1Founded in 2005, Vacations That Give provides opportunities for adults, families, and youth groups to be of service to others. The service is done within the context of the Catholic-Christian faith and is open to participants of good will.  Although the ministry provides the opportunity to provide hands-on and/or educational services, its focus is to encourage theological reflection and social analysis with the underpinning of personal and shared prayer.

Vacations That Give sponsors two different kinds of work:

  • Physical labor:  helping to rebuild or repair homes devastated by disaster, or improving living conditions for those in need.
  • Educational support:  helping people to advance intellectually, emotionally, and/or spiritually.

Our motto is:   Volunteer… work… play… pray… and create a lifetime of memories.

Please visit  for more information on future trips to Haiti, Florida, Puerto Rico, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania Oklahoma and Mississippi.

You can call us at  508-736-5523, or email us at

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