Sisters of Saint Anne

St. Marie Province

Vacations That Give

Vacations_That_Give1Founded in 2005, Vacations That Give provides opportunities for adults, families, and youth groups to be of service to others. The service is done within the context of the Catholic-Christian faith and is open to participants of good will.  Although the ministry provides the opportunity to provide hands-on and/or educational services, its focus is to encourage theological reflection and social analysis with the underpinning of personal and shared prayer.

Vacations That Give sponsors two different kinds of work:

  • Physical labor:  helping to rebuild or repair homes devastated by disaster, or improving living conditions for those in need.
  • Educational support:  helping people to advance intellectually, emotionally, and/or spiritually.

Our motto is:   Volunteer… work… play… pray… and create a lifetime of memories.

Please visit  for more information on future trips to Haiti, Romania, Puerto Rico, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Mississippi

You can call us at  508-736-5523, or email us at

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