Sisters of Saint Anne

St. Marie Province

Gatherings for Women of Faith


Gatherings for Women of Faith, founded in February, 2013, sponsors mornings or evenings of reflection and retreats for women who minister in the Church or are, in some way, in service to others.At each gathering, some aspect of a spiritual life topic is presented and a prayer experience is facilitated for women who are seeking to know a deeper prayer life.

Needs addressed through this project include:

  • A community setting where women meet other women seeking the “more” in spiritual living
  • Knowing that one is not alone in this search for spiritual depth
  • Access to spiritual formation for today at a minimal cost per person

The general format of each gathering incorporates:

  • A half hour “coffee+ time” before each session to favor informal conversations between the co-leaders, presenter, and participants of the project.
  • An opening prayer and a closing prayer
  • A 30-40 minute presentation
  • Time for personal prayer
  • Table sharing and some general conversation about the experience

Some gatherings have focused on a prayer form such as a Lectio Divina or Audio Divina experience.  Poetry and/or music are integrated into the sessions.

Themes presented include:

  • “Knowing Sophia, Biblical Wisdom”
  • “Eyes to See, Ears to Hear”
  • “Come to the Well”
  • “Yearning to Just Be”
  • “Easing into Balance: Practices for Everyday Contemplation”

Upcoming dates:

 September 10, 2016 ~ Sr. Yvette Bellerose, SSA
o   Gatherings for Women of Faith: Looking Back, Looking Ahead
o   A Lectio Divina prayer experience guiding us to future planning for our gatherings.
December 10, 2016 ~ Sr. Barbara Mullen, CSJ
o   Carrying the Advent Light: “Keep your light burning bright …”
o   Experiencing the Gospel of St. Luke 12: 34-36 …
April 29, 2017 ~ Nicki Verploegen
o   Topic to be announced
August 26, 2017 ~ Marina McCoy
o   Balance In a Busy Life: Looking at the Figures of Mary and Martha
Additional information will be provided for the December 2016, April 2017, and August 2017, Gatherings as we draw nearer to them.


For additional info:      Yvette Bellerose, SSA

Lori Pandiscio